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Transition to Kindergarten

School Readiness

School Readiness means that children are ready for school, families are ready to support their child's learning, and schools are ready for children. Readiness can also mean that children possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and for later learning and life. Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are all essential ingredients of school readiness.

Whether a child attends a center-based preschool setting, a home-based preschool setting, a Head Start, or parent-driven teachings, early "school" experiences can provide stability and consistency between settings for children.


What makes for a successful transition?

When collaboration and connections are strong, transitions can be effective for children and families as they make the move to kindergarten. When these transitions are successful, children and families are more likely to experience better long-term school success.


For Parents

Crosswalk Front Cover

Download the SDELG - SD Kindergarten Standards Crosswalk

Ensure students experience consistency as they move from early learning to elementary learning.

Create school readiness and build a foundation for later academic and social competence.

Use to support precursor learning skills and/or recognize expectations of early childhood development.

Use to support individualized curriculum activities, observations, and assessments.


Download the Kindergarten Transition Activities Calendar

Prepare your child for kindergarten with this Kindergarten Transition Calendar. This non-numbered calendar will provide simple activities that can be done at home, in the community, and wherever there are learning opportunities.

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