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Helpful Terms

Aesthetic Experiences: Experiences where children have the opportunity to explore through creative activities, such as, music, painting, drama, puppetry, movement, etc.

Alphabetic Principle: The understanding that letters and letter patterns represent the sound of spoken language.

Concrete Presentations: The use of real objects to represent an idea or concept.

Construct Knowledge: To gain understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and then reflecting on those experiences.

Developmentally Appropriate: Any activity, material, environment, strategy, or assessment that is based on theories of child development, the individual needs and strengths of each child, and the child's cultural background.

Generalization: The ability to take what has been learned in one situation and apply it to new and different situations (e.g., when children use a previously used or observed strategy to solve a new problem).

Over-Generalize: When a child applies a rule of grammar to words that do not fit the rule (ex. Use of ending --ed, "I goed" or "I rided").

Print Conventions: The concept of the basic features of print, including what a letter is, the concept of words, and the understanding of the directionality of print.

Strengths-Based Approach: Refers to policies, practices, methods, and strategies that identify and draw upon the strengths of children, families, and communities.

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