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Ages & Stages

This is the current "Ages & Stages" page. You can find it in the "Singles" section in your CMS and edit content as desired. The ages block is created automatically on the template. Let us know if this will meet your needs or if you want something a bit more detailed, like the summary paragraph text of each age rather than just the links below

Milestones for Every Age

Parents and professionals efforts support early learners. These informative goals describe areas of how children make progress from birth through kindergarten. Developmental indicators are specific statements of expectations for children’s learning at their age level.

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Infants (Birth - 12 Months)
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Young Toddler (8-21 months)
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Older Toddler (18-36 months)
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Younger Preschooler (33-48 Months)
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Older Preschoolers (45-60+ months)
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